sure1 W1S1 [ʃo: US ʃur] adj
1¦(certain you know something)¦
2 make sure
3¦(certain about your feelings)¦
4¦(certain to be true)¦
5¦(certain to happen/succeed)¦
6 be sure of (doing) something
7 sure of yourself
8 be sure to do something
9 for sure
10 sure thing
11 to be sure
12 (as) sure as hell
13 have a sure hold/footing
[Date: 1300-1400; : Old French; Origin: sur, from Latin securus; SECURE1]
1.) ¦(CERTAIN YOU KNOW SOMETHING)¦ [not before noun]
confident that you know something or that something is true or correct
= ↑certain
'That's Sarah's cousin.' 'Are you sure?'
'What time does the show start?' 'I'm not sure.'
sure (that)
I'm sure there's a logical explanation for all this.
Are you sure that you know how to get there?
My mother, I felt sure , had not met him before.
not sure how/where/when etc
Henry wasn't sure how to answer this.
not sure if/whether
I'm not sure if I'm pronouncing this correctly.
sure of
He wasn't even sure of his mother's name.
They were talking about her, she was sure of that .
sure about
'That's the man I saw in the building last night.' 'Are you quite sure (=completely sure) about that?'
2.) make sure
a) to find out if something is true or to check that something has been done
'Did you lock the front door?' 'I think so, but I'd better make sure.'
make sure (that)
I wanted to make sure you were all right.
First, make sure the printer has enough paper in it.
b) to do something so that you can be certain of the result
make sure (that)
I'll walk you home, just to make sure no one bothers you.
make sure of (doing) sth
Spain made sure of their place by holding Japan to a 1-1 draw.
Thomas would be sorry - she would make sure of that .
3.) ¦(CERTAIN ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS)¦ [not before noun]
certain about what you feel, want, like etc
sure (that)
Are you sure you really want a divorce?
sure of
Carla says she is very sure of her love for Tony.
certain to be true
one thing is (for) sure
One thing's for sure, we'll never be able to move this furniture on our own.
sure sign/indication
Those black clouds are a sure sign of rain.
certain to happen, succeed, or have a particular result
sure to do sth
He's sure to get nervous and say something stupid.
sure way to do sth/of doing sth
There was only one sure way of finding out - and that was to visit him.
sure thing/bet
AmE (=something that will definitely happen, win, succeed etc)
6.) be sure of (doing) sth
to be certain to get something or be certain that something will happen
United must beat Liverpool to be sure of winning the championship.
You can be sure of one thing - there'll be a lot of laughs.
7.) sure of yourself
confident in your own abilities and opinions, sometimes in a way that annoys other people
Kids nowadays seem very sure of themselves.
8.) be sure to do sth
spoken used to tell someone to remember to do something
Be sure to ring and let us know you've got back safely.
9.) for sure
a) informal certainly or definitely
No one knows for sure what really happened.
b) spoken used to emphasize that something is true
We'll always need teachers, that's for sure .
c) AmE informal spoken used to agree with someone
10.) sure thing
spoken informal used to agree to something
'Can you pick me up later?' 'Sure thing.'
11.) to be sure
spoken formal used to admit that something is true, before saying something that is the opposite
It was difficult, to be sure, but somehow we managed to finish the job.
12.) (as) sure as hell
spoken informal used to emphasize a statement
If I could get you out of there, I sure as hell would.
13.) have a sure hold/footing
if you have a sure hold or footing, your hands or feet are placed firmly so they cannot slip
>sureness n [U]
sure 2
sure2 adv
1 sure enough
3¦(accept thanks)¦
5¦(before statement)¦
1.) sure enough
used to say that something did actually happen in the way that you said it would
Sure enough, Mike managed to get lost.
2.) ¦(YES)¦
spoken used to say 'yes' to someone
'Can you give me a ride to work tomorrow?' 'Sure.'
AmE spoken used as a reply when you accept thanks from someone
'Thanks for your help, Karen.' 'Sure.'
AmE informal used to emphasize a statement
It sure is hot out here.
I sure hope they get there all right.
spoken used at the beginning of a statement admitting that something is true, especially before adding something very different
Sure Joey's happy now, but will it last?

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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